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Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 Sewing Machine

  1. It comes with 18 decorative and utility stitch options along with needle up/ down feature.
  2. We are always up to an opinion that these small features is what makes a sewing machine effectual.
  3. Also, one can adjust the speed according to his or her own requirements and skill level. Along with the speed, one can even vary their stitch length and width according to the needs for their projects.
  4. Apart from these necessary features, automated needle threader and one step buttonhole add to the competency of the machine.
  5. Drop feed and adjustable foot pressure presser give it a definitive edge over its other counterparts.

There are 3 machines produced under the wing of Emerald. Out of which we have mentioned the model number 118 in our reviews.

All three of the variants look one and the same, and just a few features separate them from each other.

They are solidly built and design that is full of newness and efficiency.

One can trust on the sturdiness and the performance of the brand with each of its product.

Husqvarna Viking Opal 690Q Sewing Machine

  1. The first and foremost feature that company market this machine is its bobbin thread sensor.
  2. It lets you know when the thread is going to run out and alerts you well beforehand. It not only sends you alerts but halts the sewing process which has been carried out.
  3. It has a wide enough sewing surface which allows users to undertake bigger projects like quilting curtains.
  4. It comprises of altogether 208 built-in stitches which include quilt stitches, 7mm stitches, utility stitches, decorative stitches, and 4 programmable letters for basic monogramming.
  5. It comes in with a lot of accessories that may lure the regular seamstress.

If you are looking for a machine with modern innovation along with the sturdiness and quality of the classic old sewing machines, Viking Opal 690 wouldn’t disappoint you a bit.

No wonder, it is one of the highly rated machines in the good books of the sewing experts.

The company boasts two other inferior models who are equally efficient but cut down on their prices.

For the people who are looking up to advance further and switch to a computerized sewing machine from a basic one, it would make them fall in love with the art of sewing.

Why should one choose Husqvarna Sewing Machines?

Husqvarna has been a great advertiser of innovation right since its inception. They have stressed on producing high-quality sewing machines with the newest technologies and innovations.

The best feature of the Husqvarna sewing machine has to be its exclusive sewing advisor that comes along with the innovative info display and program display.

One can have a guaranteed professional stitch without fidgeting with the machine. All the features are there to be chosen jus within a few touches.

What sewing advisor does is helps you attain the perfect setting depending on the fabric, weight, and sewing type.

All you have to do is let the machine know about the fabric and its weight, and the automatic feature would select the perfect settings for you to have a smooth and free-flowing sewing experience.

Also, these sewing machines are popular amongst the home sewers because the company has stressed on producing sewing machines for the commoners to have professional results even after sewing projects at home.

Husqvarna Sewing Machines & Its Types

The brand has differentiated the machines into two different types, viz. flowers and jewels. These interesting sewing machine types have several machines produced under their wing.

The Rose model under the Flower wing gained much popularity in the sewing world and has been much appreciated by the seamstresses.

Whereas, under the gem section, they have produced highly efficient machines by the name of Diamond deluxe, ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, etc. These gems have embroidery sewing machines and next-generation sewing machines under their wing.

They even produce heavy duty sewing machines, sergers, and cover clock sewing machines under the name of Huskylock.

9.5 Total Score

  • The best part of the sewing machine has to be the price that it is offered. These sewing machines are one of the less pricey ones available at the market.
  • Along with the price, they have a wide fleet of product that may suffice the need of seamstresses of all levels.
  • Therefore, whether you are an entry-level seamstress or someone who has mastered the art of sewing, Husqvarna has a machine for each one of you.
  • Apart from its highly efficient features and low costs, one thing that attracts the users towards the brand is the proactive customer support.
  • It is believed that it has one of the best online support in the sewing machines market.
  • Owing to the reputation of the brand, the company sells and market its products only through the authorized sellers.
  • Also, one has to buy the machine from an authorized dealer to enjoy the customer service, even if it is bought from the second-hand market.
  • Another factor which may worry the entry-level seamstresses is the simplicity of the higher end sewing machines.
  • They cannot be mastered with one sitting and requires a fair amount of practice to get an edge over the machine.
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