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Juki HZL-DX7 Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-DX7 Sewing Machine

  1. 277 Built In Stitches
  2. 4 Alphabet Fonts
  3. Straight Stitch Plate Built In
  4. Box Feed System
  5. Large 8″ throat space

Juki HZL-DX Series Sewing Machine is one of the most popular models by this brand! It has an impressive performance and will make your sewing dreams come true! Juki HZL-DX allows you to create the perfect stitch and enjoy making your own crafts!

It will turn the simplest creations into masterpieces! This model comes with many accessories including a standard presser foot, buttonhole presser foot, zipper presser foot, overcasting presser foot, manual buttonhole presser foot, blind stitch presser foot, quilt presser foot, and walking foot and much more.

It offers easy operation and greater versatility thanks to the easy-to-use quick select buttons and foot control options. You can lift the presser foot, reverse stitch or single stitch and trim threads by pressing on the heel side of the foot controller. This machine will give you complete freedom over your sewing!

And when you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position while the presser foot lifts up in order to allow for fabric movement. With JUKI HZL-DX sewing pivot or corners has never been easier because the presser foot lowers down automatically when you resume for constant smooth sewing experience!

And the most important part, it has reverse stitch speed and adjustable starting. Now you can adjust the starting and reverse stitch speed between 3 steps of fast, slow and normal.

Satisfied customers claim that they never experienced major difficulties with this sewing machine.

(Juki Home Sewing Machine)
JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing & Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing & Quilting Machine

  1. Updated with LED lights and one pedal operation
  2. 1500 SPM for quilting apparel and home décor
  3. Automatic needle threader
  4. Aluminum die cast arm and bed for low vibration operation
  5. Extension table included for wide work area

If you want the perfect combo machine, Juki TL-2000Qi is the right choice for you!

A powerful sewing machine that sews 1500 stitches per minute, it has automatic thread cutting and low vibration thanks to the aluminum die cast frame. It also has a one pedal control for speed and trimming system and LED lights! One of the best models for experienced quilters on the market!

It is a semi-industrial sewing machine famous for stitch quality that will never let you down and will last for years to come! A workhorse machine with an automatic needle threader, 1/5 inch quilting foot, even feet foot, and large bed table. The best quilting home deco machine that you will fall in love with!

Juki TL-2000Qi is often regarded as Juki’s best machine because it is lightweight, portable, and versatile. It will help you complete sewing projects of any kind including dressmaking, tailoring, quilting and more!

(Juki Industrial Sewing Machine)
JUKI DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Sewing Machine

JUKI DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Sewing Machine

  1. Max. Sewing Speed: 5500 stitches/minute
  2. Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  3. Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches
  4. Needle: DB X 1, sizes 9-18
  5. 110V with quiet servo motor

Another sewing machine that is worth your time and attention by Juki is the DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Straight stitch sewing machine. It sews even 5500 stitches per minute and has a maximum stitch length of 5 mm. It is a 110V machine with a powerful but quiet servo motor!

A straight stitch, single-needle and industrial sewing machine that you can use for completing light and medium crafts. However, keep in mind that it is not designed for heavy-duty projects! It offers reduced noise and vibration and smooth sewing experience!

It comes with different accessories and assembled. Meaning, you can start sewing the moment you get your new toy unpacked! You can notice small scratches and blemishes on the legs and table.

They might occur during production. However, this does not point out deficiency or any defect in the operation!

Also, keep in mind that table color may vary depending on availability! Other than that, this model has no other flaws!

(Juki Sewing Machine For Beginners)
Juki HZL-F600 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Juki HZL-F600 Sewing & Quilting Machine

  1. The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine features a large variety of patterns and stitches: decorative, utility and alphabet, 255 sewing patterns and 4 fonts.
  2. The Juki HZL-F600 offers an open toe presser foot, a patchwork presser foot, edge sewing presser foot, large LCD display (33mm x 66mm) and easy pattern selection.
  3. The HZL-F600 offers easy, one finger, automatic needle threading from the seated position, automatic thread trimming by push button, or exclusive automatic thread trimming by heel motion of foot pedal.
  4. Additional features include: high speed sewing up to 900 spm and low speed sewing down to 80 spm. Walking foot for sewing multiple layers, including denim and quilting. Durable quilting foot and quilt guide. Precision feeding system. Precise and immediate needle stop. Exclusive bobbin winder. 2 LED lights. The HZL-F600 is reliable, stable and quiet.
  5. The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine comes with the standard 30-day Amazon warranty, followed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years on all machine electronics and 5 years on the machine’s head unit. IMPORTANT: You MUST fill out Juki warranty registration card and keep all original packing (box, manuals, etc.), to get the Juki manufacturer’s warranty.

Juki HZL-F600 computerized sewing and quilting machine is one of Juki’s best innovations that offer free motion sewing. It features a box feed technology and remains as the best for sewing both light and thick weight materials!

It comes with a large-sized sewing table providing you a wide sewing space! Also, you get many stitches and patterns including utility stitches, decorative stitches, and alphabet 255 sewing patterns and 4 fonts.

This model has a large LCD display. Meaning, it is user-friendly and offers easy pattern selection! It has the best industrial style buttonholes and stable thread tensions that is consistent that offers free motion sewing. Ideal for people who are new to the craft and it is often referred to as the Exceed Quilt and Pro!

(Juki Serger Sewing Machine)
JUKI MO654DE Serger Sewing Machine

JUKI MO654DE Serger Sewing Machine

  1. 2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem
  2. Color coded threading breakaway looper external adjustment for stitch length and differential feed
  3. Powerful knife system with dedicated drive mechanism. Sewing Speed: Max. 1500 spm
  4. Sews light to heavy weight fabric. Max. Stitch Length- 4mm
  5. Safety Switch machine will not run when swing cover is open.Differential Feed:0.7 : 2.0 Ratio
  6. Carton Description is MO600 Series
  7. Included components: Accessories

If you are looking for the best Serger on the market, congrats because you have found it! Juki M0654DE is one of the best industrial sewing machines with an automatic rolled hem. It has a differential feed and color-coded threading breakaway looper external adjustment for stitch length!

The best part is the powerful knife system with the dedicated drive mechanism and a sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute! It can handle both light and heavyweight fabrics with a max stitch length of 4 mm. It offers a high-quality stitch formation, smooth experience, and a dedicated drive cutting system.

A user-friendly serger and one of the best on the market! It has the capabilities of handling different materials and latest threads. It offers easy threading thanks to the easy looper threader, built-in feature that releases the lower looper. It does not work with an open cover, a great feature that saves power.

When compared with other similar models, Juki MO654DE offers faster and quiet performance. You can listen to your favorite music while working, develop creative ideas or talk to your colleagues and friends!

(Juki Mid-Arm Sewing Machine for Leather & Quilting)
Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine

Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine

  1. Light weight and portable
  2. Arm and bed of TL-2010Q is contructed of aluminum die-casting
  3. Larger work area – wider handling area than conventional sewing machines
  4. Automatic Thread Trimmer
  5. Maximum Predetermined Stop Position of the Needle

If you are looking for a single needle lockstitch machine for straight stitching and quilting, Juki TL-2010Q 1-needle lockstitch is the model for you! It is also great for dressmaking, tailoring, and home décor crafts!

Use Juki 2010Q on machine quilting frames or as a tabletop machine mounted into some cabinets. It is a lightweight, portable model that will make you fall in love with at first use thanks to the built-in carrying handle. It sews 1500 stitches per minute with a maximum stitch length of 6 mm. Quite impressive, not?

It features sliding speed control, one pedal foot control, auxiliary table and LED lights for illuminating your workspace like no other sewing machine on the market! If you are looking for the best Juki sewing machine, this is the one! Often referred to as ‘workhorse’, it is suitable for newbies and professionals.

JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing & Quilting Machine

  1. JUKI full size Exceed series machine for sewing and quilting
  2. 106 stitch patterns 3 fonts for versatility and simplified use with free arm
  3. 16 Automatic electronic sensor controlled buttonholes included
  4. Automatic one touch needle threader and automatic thread cutting
  5. Wide extension table optionally available

Another model by Juki that is worth your attention is the Juki HZL-F300 sewing and quilting machine! It features 106 stitch patterns, 3 fonts for versatility and offers simplified use with free arm.

However, the best part is the 16 automatic electronic sensor controlled buttonholes and the large extension table!

It also has an automatic thread cutting and an automatic one-touch needle threader. No matter what type of project you plan on completing, Juki HZL-F300 is always up for the challenge! I recommend this model because it is truly one of the best inventions of this brand and one of the best sewing machines!

(Juki Mid-Arm Sewing Machine for Leather & Quilting)
JUKI TL-2200 QVP Industrial Sewing Machine

JUKI TL-2200 QVP Industrial Sewing Machine

  1. √【2020 UPGRADED VERSION】 Our mini sewing regular sewing machines, our mini sewing machine has upgraded environmental materials to make it more durable and quality. take it for travel, sturdy material
  2. √【UNIQUE EXTENSION TABLE】The large extension table makes the sewing smooth enough, it makes you convenient to work large project, and keep the mini machine stable at the same time. Mini sewing machine has light bulb for working lighting, built-in thread cutter no scissors needed.
  3. √【DOUBLE THREADS AND TWO SPEEDS】The combination of bottom line and surface line with an automatic winding function provides a high-quality sewing. Switchable speed (low or high speed) of the sewing machine provides perfect stitch control to match your sewing skills.
  4. √【DOUBLE SWITCHES AND MINI SIZE】Our household sewing machine is equipped with foot switch and button switch, specially designed for beginners of new sewing machine. this mini sewing machine follow english manual, light weight, compact and portable. these advantages make our sewing work more convenient and interesting. It has to be said that if you use it at home, it is a good choice to recommend using an adapter and reduce the cost of battery consumption
  5. √【Two Power Mode】 Our mini sewing machine allows you to power 4 xAA batteries or AC/DC adapters. You can enjoy sewing anywhere. We have strictly checked the quality of each product, if you have questions after receiving the goods, please feel free to contact our shop for consultation, we will help you solve it in the shortest time.

You will fall in love with Juki TL-2200 QVP Industrial sewing machine at first sight! It has a large harp area and increased speed. And makes the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one! It provides high-quality stitches and easy performance. Some buyers complain about the lighting. It needs additional lighting!

You can use this workhorse machine for straight stitching, heavy-duty projects, quilting, and piecing. No matter what you throw at it, Juki TL-2200 QVP will get it done! It works amazingly well with light fabrics. However, the best part about this model is the foot pedal. It cuts the threads when you are finished.

And the knee bar to raise and lower the presser foot, so you do not have to move the presser foot lever up and down. You also get a nice extension table that is very easy to remove and additional accessories, including different feet that can serve you for quilting and other basic sewing functions.

Most people love this model because it is very fun to use! Ideal for beginners. However, advanced users might find it useful too. It sews through everything fast and will boost your creativity and sewing skills!

Features to Look After When Looking For Juki Sewing Machine

If you plan on buying a Juki sewing machine, these are the features to consider. Although it is one of the most popular and most trusted brands on the market, Juki has both positive and negative product traits.


One of the most important features you should look after when buying a Juki sewing machine is the size.

For beginners and light home users, I recommend a smaller model that will not take much of their space and will fit their workspace just perfectly. And Juki offers different sizes and shapes of sewing machines.

Their products are lightweight, compact and easily transportable. So, you do not have to worry about the size if you are buying from this brand. However, you should, if you plan on giving other brands a try!


Wight is the second most important feature you should take into consideration while buying Juki sewing machine. Juki pays attention to weight. And that is why they offer lightweight models made of plastic. You can easily recognize a lightweight and portable Juki sewing machine by the plastic parts.

However, buying a lightweight model has disadvantages as well. And feeling the vibrations while sewing is one of them. Think twice before you make your purchase if this is something that you cannot live with.


Speed is just as important as size and weight. In fact, it is one of the most important features you should look after when buying a sewing machine, especially if you want to make an upgrade, boost your sewing skills and turn your hobby into a full-time job! So, speed matters! And Juki is well aware of this matter.

They offer some of the fastest industrial sewing machines on the market!

So, if you want something that will offer you stability, durability, portability and high speed, Juki is the brand that you should buy from.

Stitch length

Next important feature you should look out for while shopping for a sewing machine is the stitch length. Look for a model that offers you the ability to adjust the stitch length. This expands your sewing possibilities. Juki sewing machines will provide complete freedom and simplify your sewing.

Thread trimming

Pay attention to thread trimming when shopping for a sewing machine. However, it matters only if have your own business. Cutting threads from stitched projects before finishing cannot be avoided. It requires you to hire a larger number of employees. However, Juki sewing machines arrive with thread trimmers.

Number of stitches

It does not matter if you are a beginner or not, the number of stitches matters! Why? Well, for example, preset stitching patterns come in handy when you are in a rush and want to decorate something quickly. And quilting turns into the easiest task when you feel free to realize your creative and imaginative ideas.

You will realize this when you progress in sewing and feel the need for an upgrade. If you decide to turn your hobby into a part-time or full-time job and impress everyone around, pick a sewing machine with a larger number of stitches. Get something upgradable, something that will help you make fast progress.

I have reviewed some of the best Juki sewing machines for beginners later in this article. Scroll up to check the comparison chart and read the Juki sewing machines reviews. Let’s pick the best one for you!


Did you know that the heavier the motor of your sewing machine, the stronger the machine will be? This is the motor belongs to my list of important features that you should definitely consider when buying a sewing machine. Purchase a sewing machine with a heavy strong motor if you work with heavier fabrics.


Although noise does not seem like something important you should consider when shopping for a sewing machine, it actually is important. Most people have a hard time concentrating on their sewing projects if their machine is too loud. Read my product reviews to find something quiet and powerful.


Juki is best known for producing impressive sewing machines and sergers for household and industrial use. Their reputation is built on providing one of the best sewing machines and sergers. Juki is the brand to consider if you are working with non-stretchy fabrics and need a good serger that will prevent fraying.

Juki vs Singer vs Brother: Which Brand is Best for You?

Juki: It is no wonder why most people would choose Juki over other sewing brands. For most sewers, it is the no. 1 manufacturer for sewing machines across the world. Juki industrial sewing machines are one of the best on the market, if not the best!

And since they have earned the trust of professionals, they continued to produce quality products with great performance. However, this time, they focused on producing household sewing machines and gain the trust of newbies. They gained a lot of positive reviews and positive feedback from their new clients.

They have categorized their products into 2 types: machines for apparels and for non-apparels including the flat-bed sewing machine, cylinder-bed sewing machine and long arm sewing machines among many.

Machines for apparels include the computer controlled cycle machine, shape tacking machine, overlock, and zigzag stitching machine, bar tacking machine and 1-needle lock stitch machine among many others.

As you can notice, Juki produces different types of products in order to match the needs of their faithful customers. And that is how this brand earned its reputation and became one of the best on the market.

If you want to learn about Singer and what this brand is known for, keep reading and compare them.

Singer: Established in 1851, Singer has headquarters in Tennesse, New York and remains as one of the top 3 brands in the industry. The singer is the only one that broke into a market that was mainly dominated by Asian companies and that should tell you something about this brand and their products.

It is the only American company that joined the sewing industry and gained international respect of customers rapidly! However, they are not new to the market. On the contrary, their history with sewing machines goes way back. They have been producing and placing great sewing machines since the 1800s.

Although they produce different sewing machines in order to meet the needs of their clients, they pay special attention to people who are new to the craft. Singer gives their best to produce the best, easy to use sewing machines for beginners. They have one of the best entry-level sewing machines right now!

Brother: Although I review Brother last, it is not less popular or less respected than the other 2 on my list. This brand represents another mega-popular Japanese firm with headquarters in Nagoya, Japan.

Their reputation is based on a wide range of products including fax machines, desktop computers, printers, and industrial sewing machines.

It was found in 1908 and represents one of the top-ranked producers of sewing machines in the world. They own multiple factories, including the one in Vietnam which is known as the world’s biggest single-brand company. The company changed its name back in 1928 from Yasui Sewing and Co. into Brother.

It became an instant hit and started producing one of the best industrial sewing machines on the market. They also offer domestic overLockers, industrial single needle sewing machines, quilting sewing models, and A-grade sewing machines among many others!

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro if you want something durable and affordable, Brother is the brand for you!

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