Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

If you’re looking for a super strong and precise electronic die-cutting unit, look no further than the Cricut Maker. It’s a dream come true machine for passionate crafters.

The reason why I say that is because it opens a new wide range of DIY opportunities. This workhorse can cut over 300 different materials including balsa wood with precision and power.

It’s also perfect for cutting delicate fabric. Today, I will review this popular cutting machine in detail and try to inform you about everything you need to know about it before you buy it.

Cricut Maker, Champagne

  • [CREATE MORE] Cricut Maker gives you the freedom to make everything from paper crafts, iron ons, and vinyl decals to sewing projects, leather crafts, and balsa models
  • [ENDLESS PROJECT POSSIBILITIES] Expandable suite of tools. With its powerful blades, pens, and scoring tool, Cricut Maker grows with you as you learn each new craft
  • [NEW ROTARY BLADE FOR FABRICS] With its gliding, rolling action, this blade cuts through virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material
  • [ACCESS TO HUNDREDS OF DIGITAL SEWING PROJECTS] Simplifies sewing and quilting projects. Choose from hundreds of digital sewing patterns, and Cricut Maker cuts and marks all the pieces – you just sew them together
  • [DESIGN FOR FREE] Simple design apps. Lay out your project on your mobile device or computer easily and conveniently, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. You can always upload and use your own images and fonts for free, in a variety of standard file formats
  • [THOUGHTFUL DETAILS] A helpful docking slot holds your tablet or smartphone while you’re busy. Charge your device using the convenient USB port

Is the Cricut Maker Worth it?

The Cricut Maker is worth it. The reason why I’m saying this is because I already bought this cutter. And I love it. It’s an exceptional cutting machine. 

Some of the advanced features include the rotary blade. This blade can slice through anything you throw at it thanks to the 4kg worth of force and incredible sewing pattern library.

Of course, it’s not perfect just like any other cutting machine on the market. The Maker has a small area for cutting (12 x 12-inch). This is one of the biggest disadvantages of this unit.

Also, you will need to work with the old software which is hard to use for beginners, however, there’s no denying that this is a special, feature-rich and powerful machine.

What Can I Do With a Cricut Maker?

The real question here is what can’t you do with this cutting machine. If you’re a passionate crafter, you have probably heard of the Cricut Explore.

In case you haven’t, it’s another powerful cutting machine by the same brand which is capable of cutting over hundreds of materials of different types.

And the Cricut Maker can slice all that and more. This workhorse can cut over 300 materials of different types in total, especially if you purchase the knife blade.

This blade allows crafters to slice materials up to 2.4mm dense. However, with the rotary blade, you can cut different fabrics including denim, chiffon, canvas, and silk.

1 Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

If you’re looking for a super strong and precise electronic die-cutting unit, look no further than the Cricut Maker. It’s a dream come true machine for passionate crafters.

Is the Cricut Maker Easy to Use?

Yes, the Cricut Maker is relatively easy to use. However, the software has a learning curve. It’s one of the main things I dislike about this popular cutting machine.

But the software is usually the hardest part to master when it comes to cutting machines, in general, so don’t worry. Yes, it has a learning curve but it’s not impossible to master.

Cricut Maker Review

This professional die-cutting machine stands out because of its strong cutting features. The producers of this cutter suggest that the unit works wonders when it comes to fabric.

It’s one of the best units for fabric cutting but would you expect anything different from a machine that includes a completely fledged rotary blade?

As you probably know, the rotary blade uses both gliding and rolling motion to make fabric cutting even easier. It’s one of the reasons why I love this unit.

If you’re intending to use it for commercial uses, this boosted cutting speed increases your potential to respond to more customers. And make more money.

Furthermore, you will no longer have to struggle with hand-cutting. This baby can handle both light and thick materials (silk, chiffon, canvas, and denim).

Watch video: 10 Things You Didn’t Know The Cricut Maker Could Cut

If you still wonder why you should choose the Cricut Maker over any other cutting machine, the reason is simple. It’s super powerful. Why wouldn’t you?

It comes with 4kg of cutting force which is ten times more than what previous Cricut machines provide. Also, it has a rotary blade, a washable fabric pen, knife blade and USB port.

What more could you possibly ask for in a cutting machine? Yes, I know that the cutting space is limited. But we will discuss that at the end of this review.

For now, let’s focus on the advantages. For starters, let’s talk about the unlimited access you gain to the Cricut’s sewing pattern library. It’s loaded with handy tools.

Also, each pattern offered here arrives in the shape of a template of the item you would need to sew. The templates are created from paper.

All you need to do is find your favourite pattern of the fabric you plan to use and that’s it. For instance, let’s assume you’re interested in making a tote bag.

With a low-quality cutting unit, you would need to make two side panels, two centre panels and a strap.

And once you slice out these patterns, you would then be obligated to trace them onto the fabric before pinning it and cutting out the pieces prepared for sewing.

Isn’t that time-consuming and difficult? The Maker, on the other hand, makes everything easier with the software. Just plug and play and let the machine do the rest.

Rotary Blade

Rotary blades are highly-recommended for vinyl cutters for many different reasons. The first big reason is that this tool provides a lot of customization settings.

Despite how winding or tricky your cuts are, this knife has your back. It offers a flawless and easy cutting experience. Also, the Maker’s rotary blade ensures precise cuts.

This is thanks to the blade’s gliding abilities and rolling action. The rest of the Cricut models done include a rotary blade which makes the Maker even more appealing.

Knife Blade

If you’re planning to cut matboard, wood or chipboard, you will need a knife blade. This type of blade is capable of cutting materials as dense as 3/32-inch in thickness.

It’s a dream come true for every passionate designer. Just like the rotary blade, this one isn’t included in the other Cricut models which makes the Maker undoubtedly better.

This tool is perfect for making cuts on dense materials without leaving track marks. However, to enable this, you will need to move the star wheels on the roller bar.

1 Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

If you’re looking for a super strong and precise electronic die-cutting unit, look no further than the Cricut Maker. It’s a dream come true machine for passionate crafters.

Fine Point Blade

The Cricut Maker includes a premium fine-point blade just like the rest of the machines in the family. It’s capable of making intricate cuts in both thin and medium-weight materials.

It’s an advanced blade which provides enough flexibility to cut your paper, cardstock, iron-on, and vinyl. If you’re looking for a long-lasting carbide blade, this one meets your needs.

Deep Point Blade

If dense cardstocks have been giving you headaches, the fact that this machine comes with a deep point blade will make you smile.

This type of blade delivers a steep cutting angle of 60 degrees in comparison to other regular blades that provide 45 degrees.

Furthermore, it’s made of custom–made housing and durable steel which means that you will have it for a long time without the need of a replacement.

Bonded Fabric Blade

Risking with fabric scissors isn’t always a wise choice. If you want to take the quality of your projects at a higher level, this special blade will help you. It’s a game-changer for every passionate crafter.

It arrives with a pink colour which is supposed to match the FabricGrip mat.

It allows you to determine the type of fine point blade that’s most suitable for bonded fabrics so you can create the best cuts ever. You will need an iron-on backer to get the most out of this amazing blade.

Original Pens

Pens make a very important part of your projects because they determine if your products and artwork are going to turn out original. And if they do, you will attract more customers.

The next time you’re planning to make decor, cards or colour some pages for your clients, make sure to take advantage of the broad variety of pens that come with this machine.

The fine point pen, for example, is very good at allowing users to draw and write water-based, acid-free drawings. The washable fabric pen is also super useful. It allows users to make instructional markings of their sewing patterns on cotton-based fabric.

Adaptive Tool System

What I like most about this cutting machine is the adaptive tool system. Once you buy this machine, you don’t need to worry about other innovations.

You will be fully able to accommodate them. Other Cricut machines also include this system. However, the one found in this model is somewhat different.

For example, while the Explore models move the mat in and out and the carriage side to side, the Maker does the same but utilizing a higher level of intelligence.

This is done via the gears of the drive housing interlocking with the gears of the system itself. The result is a gentle and intelligent lift which manipulates the blade.

Expendable Suite

It appears as the producers of this model made it with the future in mind.

The expendable suite of equipment is proof of this. You will get different embossing tools along with the blades and pens that I have already discussed.

Furthermore, the unit includes incredible expansion abilities which means that even if brand new tools are released in the future, you will be able to use them.

As you can notice, this cutting machine allows you to make more than just basic papercrafts. It’s a real workhorse that has the power to unlock your creative potential.

You can make wedding cards, party supplies, jewellery, and so on. Now, let’s discuss the performance of this machine. How does the Cricut Maker perform? Let’s find out!

How Does the Cricut Maker Perform?

Now that you know more about the features of this cutting machine, let’s talk about its performance. If you want to save time and make more crafts, buy the Cricut Maker.

As you can see from the features, it’s a time-saver. Just imagine how much time you can save on hand-cutting. This workhorse can help you get the job done in less than 15 minutes.

Also, it’s very precise. Humans make mistakes which means that hand-cut projects are not perfect. But the Maker doesn’t make mistakes. It delivers clean and flawless cuts every time.

And unlike other cutting machines, it’s loaded with a rotary blade which means that you won’t have to change units in between sessions. The only con of this unit is the small cutting space.

In comparison to Silhouette Cameo machines, Cricut units have smaller cutting space. Hopefully, Cricut will make some improvements in cutting space in the future.

Let’s review some other specifications and additional features that might interest you.

  • Offline software mode accessible via their iOS app for extra flexibility
  • Design apps that can be accessed via Mac or Windows, and smartphone
  • FabricGrip and LightGrip mat delivering you a whopping 12 x 12-inch dimension
  • 4 pens included, you can make your font, upload it and utilize it in a regular file format
  • 50 pre-made projects and 25 sewing patterns packed up in the package
1 Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

Cricut Maker Review: Read This Before You Buy it!

If you’re looking for a super strong and precise electronic die-cutting unit, look no further than the Cricut Maker. It’s a dream come true machine for passionate crafters.
9.5 Total Score

Known as one of the greatest cutting machines under $500, the Maker is a cut above other machines for many reasons. Let’s summarize a few of the cons of this unit.

  • Delivers clean cuts every time in a detailed way
  • Impressive cutting power due to the rotary blade that cuts through fabric with ease
  • Considering the performance and features, it makes a great deal for less than $500
  • The sewing library that arrives with this cutting unit is a game-changer
  • Cutting-edge engineering and turbocharged engine
  • Limited cutting space
  • The knife blade is sold separately
  • Web-designed software
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